Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family Picture

Did you catch on to the family picture??? Notice how many Coster's are there? Or, being represented?

Yes, I am pregnant! The 3rd Coster baby is growing right now in my belly! I had my first doctor appointment this last week. The due date is looking like September 3rd or 4th. I am 7 weeks.

I had an inkling on Christmas Eve day that I might be pregnant because I had a horrible attitude and was just plain grumpy pants! So Christmas morning I took the test! It was positive very fast!

While I was at the doctor and asking about the B6 that my mom keeps telling me to take to help with morning sickness, she told me about B6Unisom. Take 1/2 of a Unisom tablet and 1/2 of the 100mg B6 before bed. I tried it for the first time Wednesday night and so far I am feeling better. I am tired of course, but don't feel queasy. Yay!

Oh, the other thing I learned is that my body doesn't like ginger. 2 different days, a week apart, I have had some ginger tea and right before bed I get very sick. Not fun! So, for me right now, I need to stay away from ginger tea. That won't be hard, since it isn't one of my favorites any way! :)

Carson is very excited! When we see family and friends he asks me if they know I have a baby in my belly. Then he wants to be the one to tell them! He has also been saying "Mom, I can't believe you have a baby in your tummy!" When I told him I was going to the doctor, he asked me if the baby was going to come out!? It is pretty fun having him comprehend what is going on. Gabe knows, but I don't think he totally understands it all yet.

Hope you guys are having a blessed new year so far! Keep safe and warm!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Jesus. Not Religion.

This is so cool! I love this poem so much! It made me a cry a couple of times. Hope you check it out!


Here are a couple of videos that have been taken recently.

1.11.12 Carson ice skating at Lithia Park.

1.12.12 Trever, Gemma, Carson and Gabe worked hard on their cars this morning while I was getting ready. There are pretty spicify, if I do say so myself! Very proud of the crew for being so creative!