Sunday, April 26, 2015

A New Bag

Is this not the cutest little sleeping bag ever?

I mean, really?!!!  :)

Carson got dressed this morning for church.  Gabe got himself dressed also.  Then I picked out clothes for Finn.  Without planning it, they all ended up matching!  4.26.14

A beautiful reminder of God's faithful promises.  This was taken yesterday morning at our church before 7am.

A "train."

Cozy brothers in bed.

This spidey tooshy is too cute!  Finn has been doing an amazing job at potty training. 

Gabe and his Yankees team.

This is what happens during Gabe's baseball game.

This "Yes Her" video was taken last night.  4.25.14.  Man!  These guys can make me laugh so hard sometimes!