Saturday, July 31, 2010

In the last week

Last Sunday, 7.25, Gabe turned 16 months (2 pix of him). My oh my! Time flies!
Top left is me and my babies. 7.29.
Middle left, GG (Great Grandma), Gabe and Carson with GG's glasses on. 7.29.
Bottom left and right at GG's enjoying each other. 7.30.10

I love my boys! Thank you Lord!

My Purse!

So, this is my friend, Jodie, trying to get her daughter to sleep.

And Jodie made me this...(see picture below).

I picked out the fabric and she whipped it up for me! Isn't it just so cute?! Oh, and it is reversible.

Don't ya want one for yourself?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

June Pictures

June pictures finally got organized. You can take a look at them, here, if you would like!

Favorite Toy


This conversation took place last night between Carson and Trever.

Carson: Raul's (our Chihuahua) favorite toy is the rope.
Trever: It is. What is your favorite toy?
Carson: Gabe.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


4th of July.

We have been busy...

By trying to keep the house cool.
Enjoying the kiddie pool, even in the hot summer mornings.
Playing in the sprinklers.

Going to the Reservoir in Lithia Park for evenings of eating and soccer playing.

Walking to the Band Shell to listen to the Ashland City Band play.

And most of all enjoying the wonderful attitude of Carson! He has been such a help lately. I have really noticed a change this week. Helping me when I ask, sharing with Gabe, talking more "grown up," being very sweet, and reading lots of books with us and on his own. I know every mom thinks their kids are the bestest and cutest, but this Mama is just so filled up with love for her little boy. He is just over 3 1/2 now and is seeming to much older to me. Amazing!

Hope you guys are enjoying time outside with your family. I know it is hot, but remember in the dead of winter, with rain and clouds we will want these days to be here. So, make the best of it!!!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Soccer Time

Carson 8.08, Gabe 7.10.

Here are a couple comparison pictures of Carson (at 20 months) and Gabe (at 15 months) in their Papa's old soccer shirt.

Hope you guys have a wonderful 4th of July. Stay cool, enjoy time with family and friends and be safe!

God Bless!