Saturday, August 31, 2013


The timing of the whole house sitting, getting hired permanently, could not have happened at more of a perfect time!  God really really worked it out perfectly! 

Trev looking over his employee handbook!  :0)

My mom took Carson and Gabe yesterday to the coast for a night.  Trev, Finn and I ran errands last night and went to lunch at our favorite place in Ashland.  During lunch I was told that "it sure is nice to be married to you."  Which of course, is a great thing to hear!  I am amazed that 11 years has gone by.  And boy (well 3 really :)), have things changed!!!

Celebrating 11 YEARS with Finn! 

House Sitting {Looking Outside}

Looking down their crazy driveway towards their house. 

Jim's work shop and the house.

Their little cabin that has a tenant.  His dog, Ruby, comes over (through the dog door) as soon as he goes to work.  And then around the time of him coming home she looks out the window to check.

The shop, and house.

The front of the house. 
The back door (to the left) and the dog door.  The hot tub is to the right on the the other side of the fence.
To the right of the hot tub.
Wood Shed.

3 guys in the hot tub.
So.  There ya have it!  Pictures, and a lot of them, of where we have been living the last 7+ days. 

House Sitting {Looking Inside}

We have been house sitting this last week up in the mountains.  It has been a great time to be together, celebrate being thankful for an answered prayer, celebrating our 11 year anniversary and being out of town.  Well, I have been at least, Trev still has been going to work of course!  :)

The house is a circle.  Has a well.  Lots of windows.  Very open, kind of lofty.  Has a hot tub.

Finn eating in his new seat!

Mattie "exploring" with us.

In the hallway, near the bathroom looking into living room.

The famous dog door.  Not only do dogs go in and out, so do 6 and 4 year olds!

Where Gabe is sleeping, looking into the hallway.

Eating.  :)

From the kitchen.

The kitchen.

At the top of the stairs.

Looking over from the lofty area.

Our room looking towards the sky {eye} light.

Our bathroom, which turned into Finn's room.  :)

The end of our bed.  The bathroom door is right after the bookshelves.

From the living room, looking up to our room.

Another shot from lofty area/stairs.

Finn eating.  Living area and stairs.

From the front door looking in.

Kitchen, dining area.

Carson took this picture and called it a volcano.  :)

From the back door looking in.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thank You

How do you thank a God that has given you the biggest gift?  A God who selflessly gave His ONE and ONLY SON to die for little ole me.  Not only me, but every other person who has lived and ever will live the earth!?!

There have been many occasions lately where I have felt the need and desire to somehow thank Him to a point that satisfies me.  I have the desire to thank Him by giving Him something, to show my appreciation.  But, I always feel like my "thank yous" aren't enough.

I feel like that even more so right now.  Yesterday a HUGE, ginormous prayer was answered!!!!  After years of praying and believing, we are living out the answered prayer.  And God is SO good to follow through!  We had to know He would help us, answer this prayer and believe that God's perspective is better and different than ours!  Pastor Tim taught about that July 21st, 'The Best Life has a God-Perspective' and it was exactly what we needed to hear!     

Yesterday, Trever went to lunch at the Parks and Recreational Department as a Seasonal (which means minimal pay, no benefits, no paid holidays, no paid sick days, no health coverage...) and came back from lunch as a PERMANENT EMPLOYEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This means,  opposite of what I just mentioned above!  Praise the Lord!  God is awesome!  Hallelujah!

I can't tell you how amazing this is!  The desire to thank the Lord for this is beyond words!  I pray that my tears of thankfulness will show Him how stoked, grateful, appreciative, relieved, indebted, and overwhelmed we are by this change.  God is such a great and glorious God!  Worthy of ALL praise!  

Carson 6.5, Gabe 4.5, Finn 11.5 months.  8.17.13