Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lithia Park

Yesterday Lithia Park received an award for being such a lovely park.  My mom, the boys and I went down to see dad and get some yummy treats.  There were a couple of pictures that were taken of us or the boys.

Here is a link to some of them. 

If I come across more, I will update this post. 

Happy Harvest time!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finn's Day!

We had a very busy day today of school, eating, napping, eating and dessert!  :) 

Finn went to lunch with Trever at the shop in Lithia, and Carson, Gabe and I ate a Taco Bell picnic in the park and then the boys put their feet in the creek.  Finn joined us and then we had to run off to the bathroom for Gabe.  We came home, did a little more school and then Gabe and Finn napped.  Once Trever got home, he and Finn took a trip to Dutch Brothers to get Finners his birthday treat and Wendy's for dinner.  We ate, had a bit of some birthday ice cream.  It was delicious!

Not a big crazy day, but it was a good day.  I love the tradition of the boys going to eat lunch with their dad on their birthdays.  <3 p="">
Blowing out his 2 year old candle at Mimi and Grandpas, 9.3.14.

Ready for lunch.  9.4.14.

Exploring the creek.

Dad and Finn.


Finn putting his feet in the water.

Carson climbed this tree and then sat there while I took the picture.  It looked so funny, almost 3 Stooges like or something.  It was cracking me up!

My 3 loves.
 Hope you are enjoying your beginning of September! 

Finn is 2!!!

I CAN.NOT believe that Finn will be 2 in a matter of minutes!  I just don't understand how life zips by so fast!?!  I really don't.  But, it does and now I have a 2 year old! 

I have so many different emotions going on in my head.  I am thrilled to have Finn in our lives, but heartbroken to have a 2 year old already.  My last baby.  It seems like Carson just turned 2!  :)

Here is the link to when Finn made our family 5! 

Finn Jaxen Coster, joined us at 7:52am Sept 4th!

Food was on the mind for all of us, I guess.  ;)

Carson and Gabe look so little here and Carson is missing his front teeth!


Little Finners

Finn hording all of the Duck bears at the Duck Store.  :)

Looking forward to celebrating this 2 year old today, even if it makes my heart sad.  I'm sure a lot of "nannies" (bananas) will be on the menu today, along with eating lunch with Dad at work!  :)

Enjoy your day!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


This post is a little bit all over the place.  Just read along if you wish.  :)

As a stay at home mom, of 3 boys, a wife, a teacher, cook, cleaner and all the rest, the majority of the time I feel like I am failing, failing at being a good mom/wife.

I am writing this because I have been thinking about a lot of different aspects over the last several weeks.  Not to get attention, or a pat on the back.  Just my thoughts of how things are for me.

There is a lot of pressure (as we all know) mostly, I think, from ourselves.  My husband doesn't hassle me if the floor isn't spotless, the boys {usually} don't complain about their clothes not being put away.  But, I feel like I have disappointed or let them and {mostly} myself down because I can't get it all done.  It is just impossible.  In the amount of hours of the day that I have with preparing food, 20 minutes of exercise  school, breaking up fights, or letting the boys play together because they actually aren't fighting, and all the rest, I just can't get it done.  I can't.  And because I can't get the house cleaned up, or the dishes done, or the floor cleaned up of crumbs, I feel like I am not doing my best.

I have a friend that has been living in Romania for the last 7 years working with YWAM (Youth with a Mission).  Just that alone, is amazing to me.  But, she and her team, have also started to get local kids into school, and helping share the love of God with the locals in their area.  Again, amazing.  She herself recently got married and is back in Ashland with her new husband to have a baby in July.  (Which I am SO EXCITED ABOUT!!!!)  But, she has been telling me lately that I am a super mom.  And my response is "ya right.  Nice try.  I am really anything but that."  Not the greatest reply!  Why do I feel like that?  Because of pressure.  I feel like I can't live up to my standards or yet alone any other "mom" standards!  I compare myself to other moms.  I'm not doing this like so and so, or I should be better at this like so and so.  

Today, at church during worship, the Lord was really moving over everyone.  The worship leader and Pastor encouraged us to talk to God.  To go to the alter and pray before Him if needed.  One of the first people I saw go to the alter was, the worship leaders son, who is about 13 and in 1 exact instant I started to cry.  My heart was crying and I was crying praying for my boys.  That they themselves at their currents ages, at 13, 17, 21, 30 and so on will just love the Lord and want to put Him first always!  My prayer this morning was for me to have the Lord's wisdom on how to help guide them and show them how to love the Lord.  Another area where I feel like I fail.

After the sermon, which was about being fisherman of men and serving the Lord in our every day lives, I realized {again} that my 3 sons are my ministry.  They are who I need to be encouraging in the Lord.  They are where I am needing to put my time and effort so that they do fall in love with the Lord and have their own relationships with Him.  I pray that I can do that.  I pray that they will love their youth group like I did.  I pray they will always be involved in their church.  I pray that they will continue to have friends that love the Lord and who want to also put Him first.

I think, today, I realized how scary (being a parent really is) and how easy it can be to go down the "what if" road.  What if they rebel?  What if they don't like church?  What if...blah blah blah.  BUT!  God is more powerful than all of those what ifs.  He is our awesome God who does miracles, and who can help keep His children where they need to be!  He is the mighty God who breaks strongholds!  He is an awesome God, who I know will help me do the right thing with my kiddos.

I guess that is about it for now.  :)  Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.  We are cozied up in our house as it is dumping sheets of rain on and off right now!  Crazy spring weather!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

These last several years I have been trying my best on Mother's Day to get a picture of myself with the kids that have made me a mama.  I have also been getting pictures of my Grandma, my mom and I together. 

I thought it would be neat to look at some of them all in a row.  (You can click on the images to make them larger). 

Mother's Day Tea.  2007



2012 (Finners in my belly!)





So there ya have it.  There are a couple years that I can't find, but you get the idea. 

Hope you had a blessed Mother's Day.  Overall, mine was pretty good.  I had a very yummy lunch with my mama and Grandma, which I love doing, so that was nice. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Been a While

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to!

March 1st. 

Just chillin' 3.19.14

Gabe is 5!  And he got Frozen!!!  We love this movie!  3.25.14

Gabe and I at his birthday breakfast.

Finners.  4.7.14

GG went out East to see the rest of our family.  So we took lunch, and watched and waited with her at the airport.  Needless to say, we ALL had a blast!!!  3.9.14

Carson is a reader now!  He read me this whole book!  He (and I) had to write a paper for Logos Charter school and out of all the 1st graders, his Leopards paper was the winner!  So proud!!!  4.10.14

Soccer season has begun.  4.12.14
4.12.14  Bunnies!

Guinea Pigs!


The boys and I made a Lego Resurrection scene.  Gabe gave the soldiers coffee.  They still missed Jesus being raised!  :)  4.14.14 

Our raspberry plants!  :) :) :)

Hope you enjoyed the pics! 

What EASTER is all ABOUT!!!I

A friend just posted this on Facebook.  Wow.  I know it is 12 minutes, but you will LOVE it!!!  Click on the link and watch it.  All of it!  :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brushing the Teethies

2.27.14  The Brothers brushing.  

Leading up to this picture was Carson, Gabe and myself brushing our teeth.  Finn got the stool, started yelling/grunting and trying to elbow his little self in to be part of the teeth brushing action. 

Although he doesn't use a lot of words, he gets his point across!  :)

I LOVE these guys! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Finn Waving

The other day I spied Finn waving bye.  He has done it once in a while, but now does it on command.  :) 
I got a little video of him tonight! 


Finn waving, looking for toot-toots, signing "please", and blowing a kiss!  :)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


These last couple of days I have found myself giddy over a couple of different things.  Once in a while I smell something that reminds me of a smell in the past that is just pure comfort.  I can't quite pinpoint it,  but I just "know it."  Wanting to bake something that is comforting.  Or as silly as it may sound, organizing my cook book has been all too exciting for me lately.  I have come across many recipes that I have wanted to try on Pinterest and pin them with good intentions and never get past that.  In the last week, I have printed many of those recipes and have made a handful of them.  And for some reason, right now, that is just so exciting for me!  :)

Tuesday mornings we have to get up fairly early and get going to our Classical Conversation day that meets and First Baptist, in Ashland.  The boys, all 3 of them, slept past 7:30am!  One of them if not all of them are usually up by 6:45am.  Daily.  I got all ready and was trying to figure out what I should do next.  I decided to eat my breakfast!  Duh!?  Alone.  At the kitchen table with Pandora playing.  It was a moment that was just perfect.  My egg was the same boring egg I eat every day, but sitting there in the quietness eating it alone, just made it perfect.  In the quiet.  Alone.  Did I repeat myself?  I think you can imagine the feeling...

Today, after taking Carson and Gabe to our new dentist, which is our neighbor (no more driving to the dentist!!!), taking Finn to DR. Rollins to check a bug bite on his foot, and heading to the store with all the boys, in the rain, we drove by Trever working on the Blvd. in his rain suit getting poured on, on the way home.  For some reason, this also is exciting.  I love driving through town, with the chance of spying him somewhere!  :)

Yesterday after I did my jump rope workout outside, I pulled some weeds.  There is a nice tree that has a lot of weeds under it with a large pile of yard debris and I was thinking how nice that tree would be in the summer, with a nice moss/grass area under I need to work on that, once we get a break in the much needed rain. 

These are just a few of the things in my life right now, that are blessing me.  What is "speaking" to you right now?