Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finn is 2!!!

I CAN.NOT believe that Finn will be 2 in a matter of minutes!  I just don't understand how life zips by so fast!?!  I really don't.  But, it does and now I have a 2 year old! 

I have so many different emotions going on in my head.  I am thrilled to have Finn in our lives, but heartbroken to have a 2 year old already.  My last baby.  It seems like Carson just turned 2!  :)

Here is the link to when Finn made our family 5! 

Finn Jaxen Coster, joined us at 7:52am Sept 4th!

Food was on the mind for all of us, I guess.  ;)

Carson and Gabe look so little here and Carson is missing his front teeth!


Little Finners

Finn hording all of the Duck bears at the Duck Store.  :)

Looking forward to celebrating this 2 year old today, even if it makes my heart sad.  I'm sure a lot of "nannies" (bananas) will be on the menu today, along with eating lunch with Dad at work!  :)

Enjoy your day!!!

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