Saturday, May 30, 2009

The week, so far alteast

Carson had a nice ride thanks to Auntie Z and Debbie. 5.25.09

Gramma and Carson had some good painting time with Shaving cream and food coloring on 5.27.

Baby Gabe in his 1st jogger ride. 2 Months Young.

Carson in his jogger. 3 months young.

Carson lifting his head up when he was a tiny bit over 1 month young.

Gabe lifting his head, 2 months young.
Here are the horses that Uncle Cam got.

Friday, May 29, 2009


At some point in time we all get an idea of what our lives will be like. We'll get married, have 2.5 kids, live in the perfect house in the perfect city or town. However, sometimes things (and God) change our ideas or plans. Last night after my hubby got home from work, he helped put training wheels on Carson's new bike (Thank you Kai!!!), BBQed some steaks that had been marinating (in soy sauce, a little water, and some molasses~turned out VERY yummy) for a couple of days and spent a lot of time with Carson. We were getting ready to put Carson to bed and we were all in his room. I was holding a sleepy baby Gabe who didn't want to sleep in his bed, and "Pop" was hugging Carson. I looked at Trever and our boys and thought about how blessed I am. Right now, in this time, we have our health, and our great family. Although things aren't how I thought they would be (financially) once we did have kids, I am still RICHLY blessed by Jesus! I know times WILL change, and I have hope in the Lord for that time. God formed these 2 little guys inside of me, every ounce, every cell ~ He made PERFECT. I choose to TRUST in my Lord and Savior for the times ahead that will be different and better.

Cut Back

We are selling our Toyota LandCruiser. Boo-Hoo... :( As sad as I am to do this, we gotta do it. So, if you hear of anyone looking for a SUV, please let me know or pass the info onto them. We have it listed on Craisglist, you can see the ad and pictures here. Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weigh in and more...

So, Gabe and I went to the doctors this morning. He is weighing in for his 2 months at a whopping 13#'s 13.5 ounces!!! And is 23 1/2 inches long. He is a great eater and a great little growing baby. Carson @ 2 months weighed 13.8#'s and was 24 inches long.

Before the doctor's, I had just fed Gabe and he was laying on the bed next to where Carson was supposed to be eating his oats/yogurt. I was running around the house getting things ready to leave and I glanced at Gabe and he had (what I thought was) spit up on his cheek and the bed. So, I went to clean him up and there was this chunk on the bed. I looked closer and it was one oat in some yogurt. The yogurt was also on Gabe's face. Carson was trying to feed baby Gabe. He said "he needs to eat."

STUBBORN: tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield. That would be Carson today with the oats that I mentioned earlier. This morning he had half a piece of peanut butter toast and wouldn't eat his oats/yogurt. Because he has gotten to a point where sometimes he won't eat what we make for him, we have a rule that if you don't eat it, you eat it for the next meal/snack until it is gone before you can have something else. So, it is 2:04 and he went down for his nap about 15 minutes ago and still has not eaten the WHOLE bowl of oats. He has had a couple of bites here and there, but man a live! I would imagine he will be VERY hungry when he wakes up from his nap. He usually eats breakfast, a snack and lunch before nap. So, he is going on a lot less calories so far. It will be interesting to see what he eats and the amount he eats after nap time.


So first off, yesterday we were able to go visit my sister and her fam for a WONDERFUL dinner. We saw the newest addition to their family, a new baby chicken. Carson wasn't too sure about all that. We had a great time catching up and eating. :)

When we got home Trever was talking to his mom and we found out there are going to be 3 new additions to the Coster family. Uncle Cam is buying 3, count them 3, new horses!!! So, at Mimi and Grandpa's house we will have horses! YEAH! The Coster family had a horse when the kids were younger, but this will be my first time of having them so close. I need to work on getting used to those BIG BIG BIG animals! I am sure I will with the help of everyone else.

And last of all, Carson just came up to me and said, "That was fun to go to Dawbbie's house." He is getting so great with his memory. He was a little crack up at the dinner table last night. Debbie said the word cut, and Carson immediately said, "I got a hair cut." It was a TOTALLY different topic, but it triggered his memory and he needed to inform all of us. :)

I am told the horses are supposed to be here at the end of the week, so I will get pics up once we go and meet them. HOW FUN!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A couple Pics


Papa and his boys.

Practicing holding up his head.

A visit from a dragonfly.

Big Bath Boy.
Another visit from Auntie Leah.
Gabe ~ 2 months young.
Carson ~ about 2 months young. They definitely have their own looks. Gabe has more chub at this age...didn't know that was possible!?

Not much to report this week. Just been hanging out, watering, and planting some more veggies. Oh, Gabe and I joined Papa and Carson for church this morning. It went good. Gabe hung out in the front pack and I stood in the back and bounced him so he would stay asleep. Carson just LOVES Sunday school, so that was nice that he got to go. Gotta get going to calm crying baby Gabe. Have a great week! ~~ALOHA~~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Trip

We went to the coast today. We were trying to avoid the 96* weather that was forcasted for Ashland. It was SO NICE! On the way, we stopped at Patrick's Creek Lodge for about an hour so I could feed Gabe. Trever and Carson hung out outside and walked around lots. There were a couple of groups of motorcycles that Carson kept looking at. When 2 of the couples were getting ready to leave, we said that we have been admiring the bikes. One of the guys asked Carson if he wanted to sit on it and to ask mom. SO! He got to sit on the big bike, even got to wear the helmet. Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of that because the car was locked, Gabe was asleep in my arms, and the keys were not on me. BUT I did get a pic of Carson with the bikes in the back ground, and with the blue monkey one of the gals gave him. SCORE! HE WAS SOOOO HAPPY!

We had a great time at the beach. Carson loved laying in the sand, running and I think even eating some sand. :) Gabe snoozed and hung out, and I stayed by his side. Trever and Carson walked and played for a while. We had a great drive home too. Carson slept and rested for 2 hours of it, I got a little nap in and Gabe napped too.

The last time I remember getting this red was in the 5th grade after a pool party my class had at Jason Allred's house. I remember coming to school the next day and comparing redness with my friend, Ruth Berger. Carson was protected by all the sunscreen we put on him. Us however, was a very different story.

Carson saw us putting lotion on and wanted to help. Here his is putting it on the toes, and legs. What a big helper we have! He is so great. He did really good today. We left the beach about 4 (2 hours past his nap time) and it wasn't a complete train wreck. :) Here are more of the pics.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got Milk?

Thank you Debbie for the Toppers. They are washed and ready for use! I needed one this week when we went to Medford and did a couple of errands. While Trever and Carson where in Walgreen's I was feeding and changing Gabe. While I was changing him he started to pee, so I got him covered up really fast. Then when I went to finish changing him, he peed more AND did poops on the clothes and the seat. I am glad it didn't shoot out and get me, since I DIDN'T have a change of clothes, with more errands to do :)

Carson got to feed a couple of horses behind my Gramma's house this week. Pretty neat!

Thank you cousin Erika for the lovely gifts to "freeze" our family at this age. We love them! BTW, aren't you and James supposed to be here? Spring is almost ooover!!! COME SEE US, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is from Christmas last year. I just love the blue eyes with the oranges. So cute, if I say so myself.
Some of us like to drink our milk. Others like to use a bowl and spoon. Carson drank/ate 3 bowls, asked for 4th's and played with that bowl while I was in the other room.

Here are Mother's Day pics.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who knew?

To all moms of wee ones (2 months or less): last week I was talking to the doctor about Gabe's baby acne. I was wondering how long it lasts and she said usually until about 2 months. She also said she has a couple of moms who swear by putting mama's milk on the acne clears it up. As there are a lot of antibodies in the milk. So, this last week, I have been doing that off and on. The off days it is there full force. The on days, I really notice a difference. I think it does take care of some of it, but it also helps with the redness. Just wanted to pass on the info!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost 12 Years!

This morning as I was feeding Gabe about 2:30, I was thinking about how big my sister is...

About 12 years ago I got a call to tell me I had a little sister. Her name, Zapapta. She will be 12 at the end of next month. How on earth can time go by that fast??? My mom had a potluck for Mother's Day yesterday and Zapata was there. I am amazed at what a lovely young gal she has turned out to be. She is so great with Carson, and he just LOVES his Auntie "Pata." She is really growing up and learning, as we all do, that with our choices we make there are consequences. As Trever put it, "she is really growing up." I am having a hard time putting into words, just how proud I am of her. She loves the Lord, and is just beautiful. It seems like I am standing still and she is zipping by me in time. Before I know it she will be graduating high school! She likes to be around Carson, and not just observe him, but interact with him and play with him. For that, we are grateful and he will always want to play with "Pata." I love you Sis and am very excited to see what the Lord does in your life! Keep honoring Him in ALL you do!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mom's Day

Lovely flowers for my LOVELY MOM!!! Happy MOTHER'S DAY MOM!!!

Carson working very hard on pictures for G.G. and Gwamma.

I love you mom and Gramma! Thanks for everything you have done.

Happy Mother's Day to all my other moms out there too! have a wonderful blessed day with the ones you love!

This week

On Wednesday, 5.6, my mom came over so I could go to the doctor and the YMCA. When I got home, it was VERY quiet. Something that doesn't usually happen. I asked where Carson was and she said he had a friend over and they were in his room. Carly Cox came over from 2 houses down the street. As I have said before (I think) Carson has been hard for Trever and myself. However, after Carly left he was TOTALLY different!!! It was so great. He was his little sweet self again. Since then, he has been A LOT better. There are still issues of course, he is 2 1/2, but SO MUCH BETTER! There are breaks from being naughty, and boy does that help me and Papa out. Thanks Carly for playing with Carson!

Carson likes to watch when I change Gabe's diaper. He was rubbing lotion in on this hands and wanted to share with Gabe. Such a sweet big brother he is! 5.8.09
Gabe was watching Carson today.
Believe it or not, this is Gabe ending his smile. A couple weeks ago, he smiled at me, but this last week he has been smiling a LOT more! It is so great! He is also doing his baby talk more and more. He would usually make an oohh sound after he sneezed, but now does it whenever. It is so fun to see the changes and growth.
All the way from Romania! Leah has been home for a couple weeks and we were blessed enough to have her over for a couple of hours yesterday. It was so great to do catch up and see what a beautiful, loving, young lady she has turned into. Her family must be VERY proud of her. We love you Leah! Carson laid down for his nap while she was here, and when he got up, almost the first thing out of is mouth was "where did Leah go?"
Auntie Leah with baby Gabe.
Carson had A LOT of energy last evening, so I thought I would take him outside and let him run. And run he did. He sat on a rock and said, "take a picture." I didn't have my camera with me (what on earth?! I know!!! :)), so we had to run to the house to get it. He enjoyed climbing on the different rocks.

Trev and I have new names. Pop instead of Papa. And I am Mawm instead of Mama. And Pop and Mawm is being used at the end of almost every sentence. For example: this morning when Trever got him up, Carson said, "Where did the blankies go, Pop?" He was helping Papa by throwing the egg shells away and saw a hot dog package and said, "I want a hot dog, Mawm." "Where is Auntie, Mawm?" "Where is Uncle Ganin, Mawm?" The questions and comments are coming at me so fast that I can't keep up with getting them all on here. I am ALWAYS amazed at what he picks up from the people around him. They retain so much! Even things from last summer, when he wasn't talking he will bring them up. Man alive! Their memories are amazing!