Sunday, May 3, 2009

The weekend

This was taken on 4.23.09.

Yesterday I started the morning off by going to the YMCA. First time back for 2 months. It felt very nice to be back. I took it easy, but still felt it while I was there. I even got sweaty! I am very excited about this, because while I was preggo, I had to keep my heart rate at 140, which didn't leave much room for a big work out. After that I went to the store without anyone! No kiddlings, which was a nice little break.

Carson decided to throw all his books on the floor yesterday morning and wouldn't pick them up when asked too, multiple times. So, we came up with a new rule. If he doesn't pick his toys up when we ask him too, the toy will get temporarily/semi-permanently taken away. I think we will put them in the garage for a while until he can play with his toys nicely and pick them up when asked.

Trever and Carson went on a little outing for lunch. They went to the library (to get a couple books since all the others got taken away), :) and then to Tarks in Talent to have a hot dog at the hot dog stand. It was very good father son bonding time.

Gabe is growing, growing, growing!!! I have been needing to get his food leveled out, so I talked to the lactation nurse at the hospital. She wanted us to come in and have Gabe weighed again this last Wednesday since I was changing things up a little. His is NOT lacking in food. If the scale was right he is now at 11.11 and a 1/2 pounds! That means he gained more than 1 pound in 1 week! I do have the rolls to show you...

This was taken this morning after he showered. This is his rolly thigh.
Here is his arm.

Gabe is doing pretty good. He has been having a hard time burping after he eats. He gets so sleepy and won't burp. So then during nap time he wakes up crying and in pain. So, that has been hard on me. I would like to be able to get things done (a nap or house stuff) while he naps, but haven't been able too much these last couple of days. We will have to work hard on getting him burped.

This was taken on May 1st.

Hope you have a wonderful month of May! Enjoy the rain, sunshine, and or both!


Anonymous said...

Love the photos after the bath :)

WWW.MaryGrantCoster.Com said...

It's Aunt Mary

BETHANY said...

Love the rolls!