Saturday, May 16, 2009

Got Milk?

Thank you Debbie for the Toppers. They are washed and ready for use! I needed one this week when we went to Medford and did a couple of errands. While Trever and Carson where in Walgreen's I was feeding and changing Gabe. While I was changing him he started to pee, so I got him covered up really fast. Then when I went to finish changing him, he peed more AND did poops on the clothes and the seat. I am glad it didn't shoot out and get me, since I DIDN'T have a change of clothes, with more errands to do :)

Carson got to feed a couple of horses behind my Gramma's house this week. Pretty neat!

Thank you cousin Erika for the lovely gifts to "freeze" our family at this age. We love them! BTW, aren't you and James supposed to be here? Spring is almost ooover!!! COME SEE US, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is from Christmas last year. I just love the blue eyes with the oranges. So cute, if I say so myself.
Some of us like to drink our milk. Others like to use a bowl and spoon. Carson drank/ate 3 bowls, asked for 4th's and played with that bowl while I was in the other room.

Here are Mother's Day pics.

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