Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who knew?

To all moms of wee ones (2 months or less): last week I was talking to the doctor about Gabe's baby acne. I was wondering how long it lasts and she said usually until about 2 months. She also said she has a couple of moms who swear by putting mama's milk on the acne clears it up. As there are a lot of antibodies in the milk. So, this last week, I have been doing that off and on. The off days it is there full force. The on days, I really notice a difference. I think it does take care of some of it, but it also helps with the redness. Just wanted to pass on the info!

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BETHANY said...

It's also supposed to help with pink eye. I've never tried with either problem, but lots of people say it's worked for them.