Sunday, May 24, 2009

A couple Pics


Papa and his boys.

Practicing holding up his head.

A visit from a dragonfly.

Big Bath Boy.
Another visit from Auntie Leah.
Gabe ~ 2 months young.
Carson ~ about 2 months young. They definitely have their own looks. Gabe has more chub at this age...didn't know that was possible!?

Not much to report this week. Just been hanging out, watering, and planting some more veggies. Oh, Gabe and I joined Papa and Carson for church this morning. It went good. Gabe hung out in the front pack and I stood in the back and bounced him so he would stay asleep. Carson just LOVES Sunday school, so that was nice that he got to go. Gotta get going to calm crying baby Gabe. Have a great week! ~~ALOHA~~

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