Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Trip

We went to the coast today. We were trying to avoid the 96* weather that was forcasted for Ashland. It was SO NICE! On the way, we stopped at Patrick's Creek Lodge for about an hour so I could feed Gabe. Trever and Carson hung out outside and walked around lots. There were a couple of groups of motorcycles that Carson kept looking at. When 2 of the couples were getting ready to leave, we said that we have been admiring the bikes. One of the guys asked Carson if he wanted to sit on it and to ask mom. SO! He got to sit on the big bike, even got to wear the helmet. Unfortunately, I didn't get a pic of that because the car was locked, Gabe was asleep in my arms, and the keys were not on me. BUT I did get a pic of Carson with the bikes in the back ground, and with the blue monkey one of the gals gave him. SCORE! HE WAS SOOOO HAPPY!

We had a great time at the beach. Carson loved laying in the sand, running and I think even eating some sand. :) Gabe snoozed and hung out, and I stayed by his side. Trever and Carson walked and played for a while. We had a great drive home too. Carson slept and rested for 2 hours of it, I got a little nap in and Gabe napped too.

The last time I remember getting this red was in the 5th grade after a pool party my class had at Jason Allred's house. I remember coming to school the next day and comparing redness with my friend, Ruth Berger. Carson was protected by all the sunscreen we put on him. Us however, was a very different story.

Carson saw us putting lotion on and wanted to help. Here his is putting it on the toes, and legs. What a big helper we have! He is so great. He did really good today. We left the beach about 4 (2 hours past his nap time) and it wasn't a complete train wreck. :) Here are more of the pics.

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BETHANY said...

Fun day! But my sunburns could trump yours any old day. :)