Tuesday, March 26, 2013

April 6th, Party Time!

Fair Trade Jewelry and Home D├ęcor!

Please join us for a wonderful shopping experience while buying gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays and Christmas!  Give a beautiful gift to a friend, while giving women in India, Haiti, or the Philippines the gift of shelter, food, medical care and school for her and her children.
WHAT:  Trades of Hope {home} Party with a Purpose on April 6th, Saturday.
WHEN:  2-5pm.
WHERE:  183 Eastbrook Way, Ashland.

Please RSVP 541.292.9020, or email monecoster@yahoo.com
For more information please feel free to contact me!  http://www.mytradesofhope.com/simonecoster

There will be a gift raffled off towards the end of the party too!  Don’t miss out!!?!   
Raffle Entry for:
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Monday, March 4, 2013

March Madness

These are great prices with a great meaning behind them.  It is still a little hard for me to remember how purchasing items from Trades of Hope helps families around the world!  It is something pretty special to be part of it! 

If you would like to purchase anything, please head on over here and check it out!  Items are shipped directly to you, so it doesn't matter your location! 

I love the items!  They are so lovely and special.  Let me know if you have any questions! 


Catch Up!

Trying to get caught up on some picture things.  They might be a little out of order, but you get they idea.  ;) 

This was at the open house of the new Fire Station in town.  2.14.13

3.1.13  Carson's teacher, Tia, will be leaving in the next couple of weeks to have her sweet baby girl!

Finn wasn't too happy about the new fire hat.  2.16.13

A special visit from Chris and Kathy!  Chris took Carson and Gabe on a walk and told them monster stories.  Reminds me a lot of when he would take Alicia and I on long walks around Ashland.  2.27.13

A new little suit for Finn.  The car is on the front, and then it connects to the gas pump on his bottom.  2.28.13

I put him down next to his blankie, and he ended up under the ottoman.  3.4.13 
Relaxed in the sink.  2.27.13
Our 6 month, 2 tooth guy!  If you look closely, you can see his teethies.  3.4.13
6 MONTHS today!!!  3.4.13

Sesame Crackers

My mom made these over the weekend and they are yummy!  She said she is going to use a little less salt and maybe a little less oil next time.