Friday, September 27, 2013

John the Owl update #1

I called Wildlife Images and spoke to Jordan about John (aka Houdini by Kristin and her family), and little John has a head injury.  I think it might be from the pestie blue jays chasing him into the into, but I could be wrong.  He has no broken bones and has gotten some food and is going to have a couple of days of rest before more exams are done. 

I will do my best to call back on Tuesday to find out more. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Little Friend - John the Owl

Yesterday morning Carson woke up pretty early and we jumped right into school.  We had it almost all done by about 9:30!  Pretty crazy, but it was so nice.  Around 10:30, I was going to go to the store with Carson and Gabe while my mom was home with napping Finn.

The boys were already outside playing and I opened the door and pushed open the screen and noticed a head turn and look my direction.  An Owl head.  I ran back in the house freaking out and trying to find my camera!  My mom didn't believe me.  My mom, the boys and I stood there, a bit dumbfounded, and just looked at it.  Our friend, Heidi joined our shock!  She couldn't believe it.

I called Wildlife Images and they told me what to do and asked if we could bring it up.  We had wanted to do a field trip to WI, but hadn't made any plans to do so.

Carson and I had heard a bunch of pestery blue jays baulking and then a little ping on the front window of my moms.  Bugs hit the window often, so I didn't think too much of it.  But, I think it was actually the owl.  I think the blue jays were bothering it and it was trying to get away.

So, Jordan at WI, told me what to do.  Get a towel, cover it up, hold it like a football, and put it in a box.  Sounds easy, right?  Oh my!  I was totally freaked out!!!  I had to pray before I did it for me and the owl.  :)  I got my nerves under control and did it!  The first attempt, he got out of the towel and landed on the porch.  I covered the owl up, picked it up and then put it in the box.  We didn't close the lid too tight, because I didn't want to smash the little cute owl head.  We set it on the porch and the boys and I headed off to the store (we had to wait for Finn to wake up).


We had to get lunch and get some snacks together for our hour drive to WI.  We got everything put together and then we were off.  The last tour of the day was at 3:30, so we were trying to make it up there in time for that.  Our plan was to get John the Owl to the workers, find out the results and then enjoy the tour.

We got there at about 2:45.  My moms headed off to the bathroom and the workers asked me if we wanted the towels back.  We did, so they went to go change them out.  A couple of the workers (including Jordan) came out and said, "Um, there isn't any owl?!"  I freaked out!  What do you mean there isn't an owl????  Are you serious?  Are you kidding me?!  These are the things that I said.  Then I ran over to the bathroom and told my mom.  

The workers thought that while the owl was sitting on the porch in its box, it flew away.  They said that was good though, because it was feeling better and had the regained its sense of life and stability.  The little bugger was so light, we thought it was still in there.  One of us (I won't mention any names) picked up the box and said, "oh, yes I feel it moving."  Neither of us really wanted to check on it.  We were both a little scared that it would fly out at us.

OK.  So now, we are at WI with a box of towels.  And NO OWL!!!  Jordan was so kind and didn't make us pay for the tour, so we did the tour and then came on home. 

We checked the yard to make sure we didn't find the owl.  We didn't come across anything.  Until today...

Kristin, a friend and neighbor was driving to the store and then noticed something on the sidewalk.  She was in her van and called Wildlife Images.  Another gal, told her what to do and she came over to tell us about the science project that was going on outside.  She had no idea we had done all of this yesterday!  I told her about the silliness and what had happened. 

So, I ran in the house, got the box and towel and caught the owl again.  Kristin got a tip that if you go from behind, they won't see you coming.  So, I did that.  And I got it in the box and taped it shut!  Kristin had to wait on her daughter getting out of school at 3, so John the owl hung out on the porch with biking shoes on top of the lid also.  I didn't want any chances of it getting away this time.  

So, as of now on Thursday evening at 6:00pm, Wildlife Images says John the Owl does look like he is a boy.  And that they will call with more information. 

Jordan talking with Gabe.

Will let you know about John the Owl, when we know more!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1st Day of School

I am homeschooling Carson this year and we started a week ago, but today was our first day of Classical Conversations! 

I was pretty nervous, to be honest, and didn't sleep good at all last night!  But!  It was so great and nice to meet everyone again and learn the whole CC program.  I am really excited about being part of this family.  And I love praying with the group and that the kids are learning Ephesians 6!  :)  So fun and such a huge blessing!!!

Our first day of CC.  9.17.13

We are getting this party started, that is for sure!  :)  Notice Carson's sweatshirt?  I got it at a yard sale for $1!  Love the deal!!! 

Have a great week! 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

My One Year Olds

Finn turned one last Wednesday!  One year has fffffflownnnnn by!!!!  Oh my!!! 

I thought it would be fun to compare pictures from the boys 1st birthdays, and their weights of course.  :)

Carson.  12.1.07

Gabe. 3.25.10

Finn.  9.4.13


Carson:  Weight  (@ birth 8# 7 oz) 25# 1 oz      Length  31.5"
Gabe:     Weight (@ birth 7# 11 oz) 22# 15 oz    Length  30.25"
Finn:      Weight  (@birth 10# 3 oz) 22# 10 oz    Length  30"

Finn started off the largest and at 1 is the smallest!  What is that all about???!  :)

I am so amazed at the gifts the Lord has given us with these boys.  It truly amazes me.  There are lots of challenges, of course, but having them as my family is such a blessing!  I am so excited to be Carson's 1st grade teacher!  We get to have Bible study together!  I know I should have been doing this already, but having time is so hard!  But, praying together and reading God's word is just so, wow.  This mamas heart is feeling so overwhelmingly thankful!  

Hope everyone has been enjoying their new school year!  


Sunday, September 1, 2013

One Year

I am so thankful for my boys and so thankful I am not pregnant!  Wowzers.  It pains me a bit to look at pictures of being preggo.  :)  Anyone else experience that?  Kind of makes my heart race, and get a little stressed. 

I can't believe that in just a couple of short days we will be celebrating Finn's 1st Birthday!!! 

Hope you are enjoying the last hurrah of summer!