Thursday, September 12, 2013

My One Year Olds

Finn turned one last Wednesday!  One year has fffffflownnnnn by!!!!  Oh my!!! 

I thought it would be fun to compare pictures from the boys 1st birthdays, and their weights of course.  :)

Carson.  12.1.07

Gabe. 3.25.10

Finn.  9.4.13


Carson:  Weight  (@ birth 8# 7 oz) 25# 1 oz      Length  31.5"
Gabe:     Weight (@ birth 7# 11 oz) 22# 15 oz    Length  30.25"
Finn:      Weight  (@birth 10# 3 oz) 22# 10 oz    Length  30"

Finn started off the largest and at 1 is the smallest!  What is that all about???!  :)

I am so amazed at the gifts the Lord has given us with these boys.  It truly amazes me.  There are lots of challenges, of course, but having them as my family is such a blessing!  I am so excited to be Carson's 1st grade teacher!  We get to have Bible study together!  I know I should have been doing this already, but having time is so hard!  But, praying together and reading God's word is just so, wow.  This mamas heart is feeling so overwhelmingly thankful!  

Hope everyone has been enjoying their new school year!  


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