Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She's a NiNer!

Right about now, 9 years ago, I was standing behind some tress with my mom and two of my besties, waiting to walk down the isle in Lithia Park. I am so amazed that 9 years have gone by!?!

Last night Trever and I were talking about our anniversary and he said, "I am more in love with you now then I was then!" And amazingly it is true for the both of us! Love is very powerful action. I am so thankful to not rely on my emotions from day to day that can change.

As we all know, 1st comes LOVE...

...Then comes marriage...

...Then comes babies!

Baby Carson (born in 2006) and baby Gabe (born in 2009).

Our Family.


Praise the Lord for a wonderful husband, and with that a wonderful family!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Week and Boys Clothes-are there any?

This week has been kinda busy for us!

Wednesday my mom, the boys and I drove up to Lake of the Woods to enjoy some fresh mountain air and water! It was so great! On the way there we saw "Mountain Cows." If you are anything like my husband, you might be wondering what those are? They are cows that are in the open range area walking all around. We saw a baby cow walking down the middle of the road, and the mama waiting for it on the side of the road. Then we went a little farther and there was a cow pie in the road so I thought we might be seeing some more. There was a whole family! A dad, children, mom, and maybe even cousins or grandparents. They even mooed at us and we stopped, rolled down the windows, and checked them all out.

While we were driving we also saw a bunch of chipmunks, and a couple of deer. Once we got there, two jets flew over pretty low! We were very excited to say the least. There was a duck we were feeding that enjoyed some of our chips, my mom and the boys saw a couple of fish. It was a very eventful morning!

Carson loved being in the water! I pulled Carson and Gabe around for a while.
After lunch Carson pulled me around and then Gabe joined us too!

On Thursday Trev, the boys and I went to Emigrant Lake for the morning. It was so nice! There barely any boats coming in or out of the lake. Carson and Gabe got to take a close look at the Sheriff's boat and were given two coupons for free ice cream cones at Dairy Queen for wearing their life jackets in the water. We played with rocks, shovels/buckets, and some water floaties. Trev and the boys walked to one of the boat docks and used the boat ramp to get in the water. I joined them for a little dip also.

Last night Carson, my mom and I went to Medford to do some shopping for a wedding we are going to next weekend. We started off at Kids to Kids for some shoes and 5t pants. There was one pair of khaki pants that were torn up and stained. We decided to pass on those and find some at TJ Maxx, Ross, or Target. Ross had jeans. That is all. Tj's had about 2 items of boy things and tons of girl clothing racks. Target was our next bet. We found a pair there, that are cute and will last for a couple of years, unless Carson has a HUGE growth spurt. I found myself getting more and more frustrated with every store we went to and every store having mostly girl clothing! There are boys in this world people, they need clothing too!!!

This morning my mom and I went to about 8 yard sales. Haven't done yard sales in years! I was on the hunt for a pair of needle nose pliers. At the second sale that specified "tools," I asked if they had any and the gentleman said "no, but if you have a minute I can see if I have an extra pair." He found a pair and sold them to me for $1! I was very excited! I got a couple other things too. Earrings, a couple shirts, a brand new hot/cold reusable little lunch box, oh and a Razor scooter! It is larger than the one we have, folds in half (I know most do, but the one we have doesn't work right) and even has shocks!

Then Trev, myself and the boys went up to the FREEZING cold reservoir today to play and have a picnic for lunch! The water was so cold!

What has your week been like? Enjoying the end of your summer (even though it feels like it just got here?)?


Monday, August 15, 2011

I was Reminded Again!!!

I write this with an attitude of appreciation, thankfulness and awe at how awesome the Lord is!

I feel like more often than not, I am not very good at appreciating what I have been given and being thankful for what I have.

Why do I struggle with with that so much? Why can't I be thankful every second of every day?! WHY? :)

A light bulb went off in my head today when I was thinking about some family and friends who are going through some very tough things right now. I know things can be hard for me at times, but I think there are always people going through harder things than my current situation.

I have a friend who on Facebook has what she calls "Thankful Thursdays." She posts something that she is thankful for that day, and asks others what they are thankful for. I usually read over what people say, but lately I haven't wanted to participate or really think about and truly be thankful for something in my life. It is what you could call a bad attitude. ;) I am sure no one else has ever experienced that, huh???

But really, with all that said, we do need to be thankful. I need to be thankful!

The Lord is so great and so full of compassion and patience! How amazing it is for me to realize these things and know that my Lord still loves me, cares for me, directs me and guides me even though I make silly decisions about not being thankful for what I have been given.

Things I am thankful for right now...just to show a few, in no particular order...

AWANA. The program and all the leaders/helpers that aren't all shown here.

My family and surviving the 4th of July run. :)

My 2 besties and our best-cation ever!

Meeting Kiowa Gordon and Tinsel Korey.

Family. And all of my family that isn't pictured here as well.

My two little busy, active, creative, feisty, adorable, smart, independent boys.

Reconnecting with a childhood friend and her adorable baby Kai!

Thank you for listening to me! I hope this encourages you to be thankful. ;)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yreka Fair

Yesterday we headed down to the fair. We had a great time! Ate yummy food, saw crazy animals, made a new bunny friend and got really hot and tired.

HERE is the link to see the rest of the pictures!

Hope you are having a great summer!