Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost 12 Years!

This morning as I was feeding Gabe about 2:30, I was thinking about how big my sister is...

About 12 years ago I got a call to tell me I had a little sister. Her name, Zapapta. She will be 12 at the end of next month. How on earth can time go by that fast??? My mom had a potluck for Mother's Day yesterday and Zapata was there. I am amazed at what a lovely young gal she has turned out to be. She is so great with Carson, and he just LOVES his Auntie "Pata." She is really growing up and learning, as we all do, that with our choices we make there are consequences. As Trever put it, "she is really growing up." I am having a hard time putting into words, just how proud I am of her. She loves the Lord, and is just beautiful. It seems like I am standing still and she is zipping by me in time. Before I know it she will be graduating high school! She likes to be around Carson, and not just observe him, but interact with him and play with him. For that, we are grateful and he will always want to play with "Pata." I love you Sis and am very excited to see what the Lord does in your life! Keep honoring Him in ALL you do!

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