Saturday, May 9, 2009

This week

On Wednesday, 5.6, my mom came over so I could go to the doctor and the YMCA. When I got home, it was VERY quiet. Something that doesn't usually happen. I asked where Carson was and she said he had a friend over and they were in his room. Carly Cox came over from 2 houses down the street. As I have said before (I think) Carson has been hard for Trever and myself. However, after Carly left he was TOTALLY different!!! It was so great. He was his little sweet self again. Since then, he has been A LOT better. There are still issues of course, he is 2 1/2, but SO MUCH BETTER! There are breaks from being naughty, and boy does that help me and Papa out. Thanks Carly for playing with Carson!

Carson likes to watch when I change Gabe's diaper. He was rubbing lotion in on this hands and wanted to share with Gabe. Such a sweet big brother he is! 5.8.09
Gabe was watching Carson today.
Believe it or not, this is Gabe ending his smile. A couple weeks ago, he smiled at me, but this last week he has been smiling a LOT more! It is so great! He is also doing his baby talk more and more. He would usually make an oohh sound after he sneezed, but now does it whenever. It is so fun to see the changes and growth.
All the way from Romania! Leah has been home for a couple weeks and we were blessed enough to have her over for a couple of hours yesterday. It was so great to do catch up and see what a beautiful, loving, young lady she has turned into. Her family must be VERY proud of her. We love you Leah! Carson laid down for his nap while she was here, and when he got up, almost the first thing out of is mouth was "where did Leah go?"
Auntie Leah with baby Gabe.
Carson had A LOT of energy last evening, so I thought I would take him outside and let him run. And run he did. He sat on a rock and said, "take a picture." I didn't have my camera with me (what on earth?! I know!!! :)), so we had to run to the house to get it. He enjoyed climbing on the different rocks.

Trev and I have new names. Pop instead of Papa. And I am Mawm instead of Mama. And Pop and Mawm is being used at the end of almost every sentence. For example: this morning when Trever got him up, Carson said, "Where did the blankies go, Pop?" He was helping Papa by throwing the egg shells away and saw a hot dog package and said, "I want a hot dog, Mawm." "Where is Auntie, Mawm?" "Where is Uncle Ganin, Mawm?" The questions and comments are coming at me so fast that I can't keep up with getting them all on here. I am ALWAYS amazed at what he picks up from the people around him. They retain so much! Even things from last summer, when he wasn't talking he will bring them up. Man alive! Their memories are amazing!

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