Sunday, April 26, 2009

What I wasn't told

Thinking back to when word started to spread that I was having another baby people started to tell me how things would be changing. All the comments on how 2 kids is so much harder than 1, yada, yada, yada. What they forgot to tell me was the real issue is time. The 2ND child (so far) isn't much harder. True that I have less time to spend one on one with Carson, but as far as what goes on with Gabe it is easier. I know different cries, and can usually figure things out a little faster. The hard part is not feeling like I am failing at being a child of God, a wife, a housekeeper, and a friend to family and friends. That is really where my struggles are taking place. Day to day I find myself barely being able to maintain Carson, Gabe and the laundry. That is all I do. Maintain and laundry. I know moms of multiple kids will relate, and maybe even more so with the ones who have more than 2! I think and HOPE that things will change as Gabe gets a little older and I can get used to trying to juggle my time.

I am sorry if this sounds like I am complaining about everything, but this is just what I am experiencing right now. I know moms of more than 2 kids have it even harder than I do, I can imagine. I just wanted to share what I am going through right now and maybe prepare moms of 1, that will be having another soon, or none that will be having multiple kids in the future, things do change. A lot of the change is letting go. Letting go of a clean house (if you want sleep to function), regular outings, and time to do things for yourself (emailing, reading, entertainment). There is a lot of pressure that moms put on themselves, I know I do it too. I like things done a certain way and right now they aren't being done and I just have to let that go. Thanks to my mom, and other moms I know I am not the only one going through this. My mom has been a huge help with getting veggies planted, trips to the store, bringing us dinner and helping with Carson. Carson loves is "Gwamma" and Mimi time.

So. That is about all I have to say right now. I have spent too much time on the computer and need to try to get to other things. However, I think Gabe has a different idea planned for me right now. :) I am so thankful for Trever, Carson and Gabe. They bring much joy to my life and I am blessed to be a part of theirs.

Oh, and Carson has enjoyed a lot of Papa time this weekend. Yesterday morning they did lots of errands and today they went to "sunay cool." Carson loves Sunday School! :)

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BETHANY said...

You'll find a new groove. I promise. :)