Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This time around

I remember within a night or two of being home with Carson and feeding him in the night and looking at his crib thinking, "what on earth did I get myself into?"

This time around is a little different. One of the times I was up last night I was thinking about what a blessing this is. To have another precious gift from God. So tiny, so helpless, so cute and such a trooper (he had an "ouie" appt. yesterday at the doctors). With Carson I was always looking ahead. Waiting for him to sleep through the night, sit up, get teeth, crawl...I felt like I never really lived in the now, which makes me sad. However, now I know to NOT do that with baby Gabe. As much as I LOVE sleep, I need to thankful and enjoy this part of Gabe's life. As we all know, our kids grow too fast to always be looking ahead at the future. I am really loving taking day by day with my 2 boys.

Here are a couple pics of Gabe after his first bath @ home on 3.30.09

This is Carson's first bath @ home.
And here is Gabe.

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