Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

Coloring Eggs with Papa and Carson.

Thank you Heidi for the great outfit for baby Gabe! So cute!

Carson eating nuts out of his egg.

Mama and her boys.

Cuz Gemma helping Carson down the stairs.

Carson getting the egg Cole hid for him. Thanks Coley! Notice the cool (Carson says coo-oh) shades.

The Easter hunt crew @ Helman School.

Egg Hunt at Mimi and Grandpa's done by Uncle Cam and Kasia. Thanks guys for the eggs!

We had a very busy day. It started off at our house with a little Easter egg hunt. We went to church. Got there late...with the addition we gotta work on our time management a little more. After church we came home for lunch, then went to Helman school for the hunt Cole did for Carson. We came home and Carson took a nap for about an hour. After he woke up, we had major upset issues we had to deal with. We finally got Carson calmed down and cleaned up to get to Mimi and Grandpa's house. On the way Gabe started to scream in the car. Carson really doesn't like him crying - however, he is dealing with it 100% better this last week than before. Then we had another egg hunt there with a big turkey and ham dinner! It was great fun and yummy food!

So, this first Easter of Carson participating was definitely a fun packed day. Thanks everyone for all the great Easter celebrations!


BETHANY said...

That pic of all the Coster and Perry kids just kills me! How did everyone get so big?!

The Frechette's said...

I love the one of Gabe... it looks like he's dancing :)