Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finn's Day!

We had a very busy day today of school, eating, napping, eating and dessert!  :) 

Finn went to lunch with Trever at the shop in Lithia, and Carson, Gabe and I ate a Taco Bell picnic in the park and then the boys put their feet in the creek.  Finn joined us and then we had to run off to the bathroom for Gabe.  We came home, did a little more school and then Gabe and Finn napped.  Once Trever got home, he and Finn took a trip to Dutch Brothers to get Finners his birthday treat and Wendy's for dinner.  We ate, had a bit of some birthday ice cream.  It was delicious!

Not a big crazy day, but it was a good day.  I love the tradition of the boys going to eat lunch with their dad on their birthdays.  <3 p="">
Blowing out his 2 year old candle at Mimi and Grandpas, 9.3.14.

Ready for lunch.  9.4.14.

Exploring the creek.

Dad and Finn.


Finn putting his feet in the water.

Carson climbed this tree and then sat there while I took the picture.  It looked so funny, almost 3 Stooges like or something.  It was cracking me up!

My 3 loves.
 Hope you are enjoying your beginning of September! 

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