Saturday, August 31, 2013

House Sitting {Looking Inside}

We have been house sitting this last week up in the mountains.  It has been a great time to be together, celebrate being thankful for an answered prayer, celebrating our 11 year anniversary and being out of town.  Well, I have been at least, Trev still has been going to work of course!  :)

The house is a circle.  Has a well.  Lots of windows.  Very open, kind of lofty.  Has a hot tub.

Finn eating in his new seat!

Mattie "exploring" with us.

In the hallway, near the bathroom looking into living room.

The famous dog door.  Not only do dogs go in and out, so do 6 and 4 year olds!

Where Gabe is sleeping, looking into the hallway.

Eating.  :)

From the kitchen.

The kitchen.

At the top of the stairs.

Looking over from the lofty area.

Our room looking towards the sky {eye} light.

Our bathroom, which turned into Finn's room.  :)

The end of our bed.  The bathroom door is right after the bookshelves.

From the living room, looking up to our room.

Another shot from lofty area/stairs.

Finn eating.  Living area and stairs.

From the front door looking in.

Kitchen, dining area.

Carson took this picture and called it a volcano.  :)

From the back door looking in.

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