Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother of Two

I found myself, along with Carson, being the first ones up on Mother's Day. I was getting things done and I had found myself being irritated that on Mother's Day I still have to be get things done. Withing a couple of minutes I got busy, and forgot about my irritation, making sure that the feeding, dressing, and brushing was getting done so we could get out of the house on time to make it to church.

Trev suggested we sit on the opposite side of the church yesterday, so we did. While we were having worship and announcements, I noticed a couple that sat most of the time (usually everyone stands during worship). The husband had his arm around the wife's shoulders a lot, and was comforting her with rubbing her hair, shoulders, and back. He would also give her lots of kisses. A couple of minutes later, Trev whispered in my ear that he thought that couple was the couple that lost their son (in March while he was on a camping trip with his buddies from church. There was a car accident and he died on scene. He was in high school).

This is what went on in my head:
(Trev telling me...)
OH! and it's MOTHER'S DAY!
And here I was being irritated that I had to get my two blessings ready for church even on Mother's Day! Well, cry me a river!

For about the next 10 minutes, the tears came. My heart literally just aches for them. I haven't met them, and I just couldn't take my eyes off of them. I just hurt so bad for them! It just rips my heart out! I can't imagine what they have been going through.

Some of the good that has come from the loss of their son, is that at his service, about 24 people received the Lord. I know that that doesn't make up for having their son gone, but it is some good news in a really hard hard time.

I know days can be very hard, but I am so blessed and happy to have my little family. I need to remember that! There are many people going through things that just plain suck, and if my boys are bickering or not obeying I still need to be thankful I have them.

Hope you all have a great week.


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