Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Church now, Appreciated Later

For about the last month or so, I have been going to Ashland Christian Fellowship for worship on Wednesday nights. On a side note, there are some people who prepare dinner for anyone who wants to eat before the Wednesday night 6:30 service. I gotta say thanks to them, because they are blessing us with the ease of getting to church earlier, and getting dinner in our bellies! And I don't know about you, but I love it when food is prepared for me and my fam! :)

While the boys and I were looking for Grandma, a gal that knows me from growing up in church said, "you look so happy! And you are doing such a great job. And in about 20 years, there will be two gals that are very thankful for what you are doing." (Meaning, getting my family and I out the door will not only benefit us now, but benefit two gals that Carson and Gabe will meet one day). That really blessed me. Things like that aren't often voiced, or spoken about.

I know we (or maybe I should just speak for myself) can get really carried away with things in our daily lives. Laundry, dishes, projects, work, exercise, the list can go on and on. Some days just trying to get through the day seems like a miracle in and of it's self. To think about what I am teaching my boys now, and how it will affect their whole life and the gal's that they end up marrying is a bit on the huge side! But, it is something that I rarely think about. So, thank you for the reminder (*gal that I saw while I was growing up at ACF, whose name I should know*) that all this hard work, of getting the boys to church on Sundays, and to AWANA and to Wed. night worship, is going to pay off and be meaningful, not only now, but a ways down the road as well.

I pray you and your family are healthy, well and happy! Enjoy your autumn, Christmas will be here in less than 2 months!


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