Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Busy Morning

This last month and a half has been pretty hard. I was having morning sickness at different parts of the day and feeling so crummy in the evenings. My mom read that an increased amount of water had helped about 70% of the women who struggle with morning sickness. So, I started to drink a little more water since I knew I had cut back because I felt so awful. For the most part, the morning sickness has ended. Then came the gagging. Anything food related, I would gag. The store, talking about it, preparing it, thinking about it, being in the same room with food, smelling it...anything. So, after about a week and a half of not being able to do much with food, and having to hide out in my room, I called the doctor. She told me to take Zantac. A few days later, we got some, and oh my goodness! It is amazing!!! It helps so much. Sometimes, like right now, it is barely there, but for the most part it is gone. Praise the Lord!

This morning I had a doctor appointment to hear the little heart beat. It was loud and clear! So amazing to hear the sweet little thing beating so fast. The boys were there with me, and as soon as we heard it, they were right next to us listening. Pretty amazing to look at the boys while listening to this little one in my tummy. I am about 10.5 weeks and everything like my weight and blood pressure is right on. And the gagging is related to acid in my stomach, and that is why the Zantac helps.

We haven't been to the Y much lately. I just can't face the clock at 5am. So, we have been sleeping instead of getting exercise. I have started to feel like I can do a couple things though and I haven't been sleeping very good, so we went yesterday for the first time in over a week. It was really the first time there since December that I could actually do things and not just be out of breath and take a lot of breaks. My muscles are sore and I am looking forward to trying to get back into the swing of things now that I am feeling a little better.

After the doc appt. we went to Science Works and then a play ground for a bit. The boys have been cooped up in the house with me laying the couch for a while and I thought we could make an outing of the appointment. It might have been too much though, because while we were at the play ground that "we went to when I (Carson) was 4 with Debbie and Zapata", I started to not feel very good. I have been resting a little and had some lunch and am looking forward to a nap to get better.

Hope you are all doing well!


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KI said...

I hear ya on exhaustion! 14 weeks now and getting back to walking slowly too! GO mama go!