Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 Years Already!

Gabriel Jason Coster
born on 3.25.09
at 8:54PM

Today is Gabe's 3rd Birthday! I always continue to be shocked by how fast time goes by and I just can't believe he is already 3! We enjoy him so much. He really cracks us up.

Some of the things that make me smile are:
The 2 "blankies" (certain white cloth diapers that are soft and fraying) he carries around and sleeps with. 1 of them being left at home during any outing, the other "soft blankie" getting taken where ever we go.
The Beanie Baby "puppy" that he carries around and also sleeps with.
The baby doll that he says "I miss you baby, while at Grandma's house. Wove you." Not to mention who also joins him in his crib.
Having to put "honney" on his oatmeal every morning.
And with any words that start with "w," mostly where and what he says, "wwwwwwwwwhere are you going, Frampa (Grandpa)?" OR "wwwwwwwwwwwhat you doing, mom?"
Lately, if I am leaving or he is leaving without me, he will give me a big hug, say "wove you", and say "miss you, mom!"

Gabers with his sharp/slick looking hair after a shower.

We love this kid! And of course his big brother too! We are so thankful for the growing family the Lord has blessed us with!


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Anonymous said...

We love that little guy too! He is really special. Have a great birthday Gabers.
Love Aunt Debbie, Guy and ZZ