Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Family Day

At the last night of AWANA, a leader had gotten some grab bags from the Crater Rock Museum in Central Point.  She gave us a flier and told us that the second Saturday of every month, it's kids day. 

We found out that kids day includes making a shark tooth necklace, a little slide show about Dinosaurs and then you get to check out the museum.  We had never been there before, and I had never heard of it! 

We went this morning, made the necklaces and checked out the rest of the museum.  And the boys picked out their grab bags which are only $1! 

After the Rock Museum we went to lunch at Sonic.  We did the drive up and enjoyed their yummy food, an ice cream cone and a sundae.  Carson and Gabe enjoyed getting their bites of Trev's sundae.  

Next months kid's day has a little more activity planned, it sounds.  We might check that day out too! 

Our car is getting worked on, so we borrowed Mimi and Grandpa's car, which has a radio!  Gabe enjoyed having the music...

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 


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