Monday, November 26, 2012


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at my moms this year.  Cousin Gemma joined us for a stomach stuffed meal!  We all ate a bunch!  Then we went to Garin and Sandra's house to join the rest of the Coster's and Oono's (Sandra's family) for dessert.   

11.22.12  Wrestling time after dessert, Finn talking to GG, Gemma and Gabe, Uncle Garin with the boys, Mrs. Oono, Auntie Lynn, Uncle Steve, and Cole, family picture, hugs with Grandma, Finn and Carson, Finn smiling at GG.

Thanksgiving ad time.

Smiley Finn.

Snooze bottom.

Talking after dessert.
Cozy Finn @ the Christmas Lights Parade.  11.23.12

Waiting for the parade. 

The Christmas Lights!!!

Napping on Grandpa.  11.24.12

Finn wants to be a Duck when he grows up!  11.25.12

11.24.12 At Science Works with Zapata, @ home .  The Christmas Lights Parade 11.23.12

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