Sunday, June 28, 2015

Parra Family

My Uncle Jerry came up to visit his nieces this weekend.  It has been so great to see him!
Grandpa Jerry and Finn at the City Band Concert.  6.25.15
Finn is loving time with him too!  Jerry met us at church this morning, and then we all met with Zapata and her family in Lithia Park for her 18th birthday, which is Tuesday.

My youngest sister, Indy, Jerry and Finn.  6.28.15

Lithia Creek fun!

Uncle Jerry and Zapata, Indy and I.

Sisters, sisters...

Birthday girl and her cake.

One of Trever's coworkers invited us to his house to pick blueberries.  He was going to give us half of what we picked, but he ended up giving us more than that!  They are delicious!!!  He lives across the street from the Applegate River, so after we got hot and sweaty in went to the river and cooled off!  And almost caught a crawdad.  Almost.  :)  

The pictures are backwards, from end to beginning, but you get the idea.  ;)

Spying on the frog Carson found during picking.

Froggy Friend.


It was hot!!!

We are having crazy hot weather!  Hope you are being able to stay cool!  It is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.  Oh well. 

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