Tuesday, March 30, 2010


At the end of February, Trever and Carson brought home a piece of paper from AWANA with a 20 bill. Trever didn't really know what it was for, so I called Illis (the head leader) the next day to clarify. She said that they have drawings of the kiddlings names and Carson got picked for his age group. Usually (with the older kids) they get to chose a leader to go to lunch with, but for his age group, they give us money and let us have a date us our little guy. Pretty cool, if you ask me!

Carson with his 1st kids meal (& toy)

Trever wanted to hit Burger King for dinner, so we had our date "in." And we ate too much (of things we usually don't get)!

Thanks ILLIS and TEAM for all the hard work you put in working with the kids! Carson is having a great time!


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