Monday, March 8, 2010

Two baby items that you MUST HAVE

Socks. My boys have had pretty chunky ankles as babies. I don't like to put the tiny baby socks on them that have the elastic at the top of the sock. So I have purchased the baby GAP roll down socks for both the boys. The elastic part is lower in the ankle to try to avoid the lines at the end of the day from being too tight. I have purchased mine on eBay, HERE, but you can get yours at the store if you want.

Blankies. When I used to work as a nanny for a local family the mom used cloth diapers for her kids blankies. I remember her telling me that if one gets dirty, you can wash it and get another one out since they all look the exact same. I got about 3 packs of them before Carson was born and used them for him (he still sleeps with a couple) and now use them for Gabe also. I also use them as burp rags.

So there ya have it. Two things that I love for my boys!

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The Frechette's said...

I love those socks too! And what a great idea using burp rags. Noah already had his blankie picked out though and actually I just bought a back up for when we might need it.