Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 MONTHS!!!

So, Gabe is 11 months now! WOW! Amazed he joined us almost 1 year ago! According to our scale at home, he weighs about 23 pounds. He will be professionally weighed next month.

Last night, Papa and Carson had just walked out the door to go to AWANA and Gabe took a couple of steps to me from the couch! Couldn't believe it! We ran out and told Pop and Carson since they were still getting in the car. So exciting when our little ones do new big things!

The collage gives you an idea of what we have been doing this week.



KI said...

Those look like some sweeeet boys!

The Frechette's said...

Adorable! Your little guy is getting SO big! I love that they take baths together. At what age did you start that?