Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a LOVE day


Hope you and your loved ones have a blessed day-however you celebrate.

Trever and I didn't say we were or weren't going to exchange gifts this year. But, I was surprised with a bouquet of tulips and a new fancy water bottle. :) It's such a nice feeling to be given something by a loved one.

U-TURN 2 TAP water bottle

Gabe and I are a part of this moms group that had a get together yesterday. Jenifer, the fabulous hostess, had a Valentine craft for us to make for our husbands. It was so great. Paint for the foot prints, card stock, pre-cut heart shapes, name it, she had it! It was so nice! Oh, and she took our pictures and then printed them out so we could use them in the craft! Is she on top of things or what?

More pictures of the mom and baby event to come.


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