Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday, Carson and I went on a date. I packed a lunch, we stopped and got a chicken and rice bento and then headed to the Railroad Park. We ate, played and ate some more. It was the first time that he and I had gone to the park for a date since Gabe has joined us. He has gone with Trever before, but not me.

After taking many pictures on my camera and getting a 'no pictures' message and then a 'memory card error' I moved onto my phone for the pictures. I had to document our alone time somehow!?

Carson was very well behaved after we got home from our date. I think that special time was good for both of us. Then this morning he ran out from the hall and into the kitchen to give me a hug and then started to make kissing little guy wanted to give his mama a kiss. Melt my heart!

I am so thankful for my 2 special little guys that Trever and I are so blessed to have!


BETHANY said...

It's so fun to have time alone with just one of the kiddos, isn't it? Glad you got a date with Carson!

Anders Family said...

That's great! It is fun to have one on one time with each kid, it gives them a chance to let their personality shine without being overshadowed by their other sibling, and get undivided attention, so fun!

The Myers said...

Love that, Simone!! Elijah and I are trying to get in the habit of "dating our kids" weekly! I sooo agree that there is a difference in their behaviors & attitudes when they get that special alone time...I'm sure it means a lot to them!