Sunday, February 7, 2010

Watch Batteries

If your watches are anything like mine they die more often than welcomed. 2 out of 3 mine needed new batteries and I didn't want to fork over $5 for 1 battery from Bi-Mart. So I turned to my never failing, good deals, eBay. I saved some auctions in my eBay to have for options.

Trever had suggested we try the Dollar Tree. The Ashland store has a choice of 3 different watch like batteries. Didn't know if they had #377 that I needed for all 3 of my watches, so we had to check that out first. Actually my mom and Carson checked it out for me. They went on a walk yesterday morning and then to the store, so I asked if they could stop by there and see if they had the right size.

And they did!!! You get 8 batteries for $1. They might not last all that long (the one we purchased last time from Bi-Mart didn't last long enough in my opinion), but you get 8 of them! Can't beat the price! $1 for 8 batteries, or $5 for 1 battery. The choice is up to you!

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