Saturday, February 6, 2010

What do you wear?

I know some of you have to wear work attire 5 days a week, so on your days off do you wear lounge clothing? People who work at home, is everyday the same for clothing?

So, I am curious about what you wear at home when you aren't going anywhere and no one will be coming over?

A: Jammies.
B: Exercise clothes.
C: Always dressed.
D: Dressed until about 3pm, then jammie time.

Looking forward to hearing about you and your choices. :)

This is how we dress at our house. ;)



BETHANY said...

I have jammy day a couple times a day during the cold season, but almost always get dressed when it's warm.

Devon loves jammy days and has them several times a week. The rest of the week he tends to rotate between his two favorite outfits. :)

Naomi is beginning to appreciate jammy days, so she only opts for regular clothes about half the time.

Silas gets dressed every. single. day.

Anders Family said...

That's a cute pic, and cute boots! ;)

We have something going on most days so we get dressed in the morning, but on the days we aren't going anywhere and no one is coming over, we usually stay in our jammies, Elijah loves to stay in his jammies, he always asks if he can stay in them. My jammies consist of lounge wear/exercise clothes so it is presentable just in case someone stops by! It also saves on laundry when we don't have to get dressed if we aren't going anywhere!

What about you??? :)

Anonymous said...

I have 3 pairs of old jeans, 3 old raggedy sweatshirts, 3 t-shirts, and 3 plaid flannel work shirts that I wear. (one of each at a time). I spend a large part of most of my days outside on my knees digging, picking, and pulling. I don't much care who likes what I wear as I wear what I wear for what I do, not their pleasure. Oh, and I wear one of two hats; one in summer and one in winter.