Monday, February 15, 2010

A Clean House

This morning I started picking up papers and stuff around the house. I got a little too carried away and ended up vacuuming everywhere. Under the couch (don't forget I had to get all those missing toys out from under there), the entry where all of our shoes get piled up, the hallway, our room, the boys room, the kitchen - everywhere! During all of this I had to get Carson bathed, dressed, and ready for Gramma to come get him and keep Gabe happy and off of me, so I could keep getting things done. While Carson was eating his breakfast I finished up with the vacuuming and then picked up all those little toys. Boy oh boy! There is proof that my house can be clean, especially when Carson is gone to keep those toys where I left them! :)

Last night I stayed up too late folding clothes and watching "Undercover Boss" so while Gabe took his morning nap, I rested.

Now it is time for lunch! Loving this sunshiny day!

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