Saturday, April 16, 2011

1st Sport Related Injury

Today was Carson's second soccer game. He did really good! He got the ball a couple of times, and even scored a goal! For the other team. :) Fortunately at this age, it isn't a big deal.

He was running and got ran into by a team-mate and got a busted up lip (in 3 spots) and a loose tooth! UGH! He calmed down, and we got the mouth cleaned up, but he wasn't into going back into the game. For some reason after half time, he isn't interested in playing any more. We need to work on that! :)

It looks like (from what I have read online) that if it is just a little loose it should tighten back up within one to two weeks. So. That is what we are planning on.

Before the 1st game. 4.9.11

Getting ready for the kick off. 4.9.11

Here they are in their little jersey's running around. They look so cute running in every direction on the field! Priceless.

Hope all is well with you!


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Anonymous said...

oh man! Is that fun stuff! I laughed so hard at the little huddle of kids around the ball, waiting for someone to kick it. So cute!

Sorry about the loose tooth. There is a homeopathic remedy out there for a loose tooth. . . .I think it's "Calc.... something".

Love you guys!