Friday, April 22, 2011

Short Time

In the last couple of months, on our walks Carson has been taking his scooter. One day he went from "Mom (or Dad), can you carry this? I'm tired." Our answer (usually) was no, you wanted to ride it, you ride it or walk it. One day it just all kinda clicked with him. He was cruising down 1st St. on the sidewalk and just got it! It was a really special time for me as a mom. Since then, he has just gotten better, as practice does that. I have to do major catching up some of the time now! :)

About a month ago, Carson decided he wanted his training wheels off of his bike. We live on a busy street and there are sidewalks, but we haven't had him go up and down much with them on. So. Trev took them off. We were going to go to the ACF parking lot and have him practice there with us holding onto him (as needed), but just never got to it. Between Trever and myself, we ran/walked with Carson trying to pedal without the training wheels for maybe 10 minutes total.

Since today was such a lovely day outside, we thought after nap/rest time that we (all 4 of us) should get to a park. We went to the Railroad Park for a couple of minutes, and decided to leave that park and go home, pack a dinner, and go to the YMCA playground. That way the boys and Trev could play and eat, and I could go get a little more exercise in for this week.

I was gone somewhere between 45 & 60 minutes and came back to a son who could ride his bike alone without training wheels and without adult help! It was so crazy! I couldn't believe it??!! Trev said he was just coasting, and wasn't getting any help and then with a reminder to do the pedals he just started to ride! He was going down and up, braking, turning all directions and just plain old cruising! AMAZING! I couldn't believe it! And of course, since I was exercising I didn't have my camera to take video or pictures of the 1st time alone without any help! We'll just have to get the 2nd time recorded. :)

Kids catch on to things so fast. I also think that the scooter riding has helped with the steering, balancing, and braking type stuff. So NEAT!!! I just stood there, shocked with my hands on my face in disbelief! So cool to see them grow and learn new things!


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