Monday, July 11, 2011

Washer & Dryer Tips

This morning my mom had Ron with A-1 Appliance (great to work with!) come take a look at her washer. While he was here, I got some tips from him and wanted to share with you!

* Always leave water level on a large or extra large size load (no matter what size of laundry load you are doing).

* Fill just over half full with clothing. DO NOT OVER FILL!

* ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give your washer a 30 minute break in between washing loads. The motor gets really hot and with my moms washer there is a rubber and plastic piece that touch each other. If they get too hot the rubber piece can melt the plastic piece.

* The accordion ventilation hose needs to be about 6" long with out any twists, bends or kinks.

* If you need to put a brick (or something else) behind the dryer to keep it in the right spot (if it gets bumped around or run into) so it won't bend up the ventilation hose do it!

* Make sure the washer isn't lop-sided b/c then the water will hit the rim thinger and leak out the bottom.

* Always buy Whirlpool. Ron said anything else will just end up costing you money.

* Don't drop the washer lid. It can brake the trigger thing that tells the machine to spin out the clothes.

* Turn the dial setting SLOWLY. The knob is about a $90 piece, take your time and slow down.

* And if your washer is lop-sided, lift up the lid, pull the washer down and towards you and kinda jerk it to pop out the back feet.

OK. There ya have it. Those are today's tips for you! Hope it may give your washer & dryer a longer life!


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