Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun!

Coloring the eggs. 4.7.12

Easter Morning.

Looking for eggs and goodies.

Carson looking for an egg...notice it on the arm of the chair next to his belly.

Trever, Carson, Gabe and their macaroon egg nest.

Grandma with her grandsons, Gabe shoving candies in his mouth while looking for things, nests and tulips, Trev and the boys, the boys checking their baskets out, the boys helping Keith open his birthday gifts, the family, coloring eggs, boys and gifts, and Carson getting a treat.

We had a very busy, but blessed day! We celebrated with my mom, Grandma, and cousin Keith this morning with breakfast and birthday gifts for Keith. Then we ran off to church to be in the nursery. We thought there would be a ton of kiddlings, but fortunately (especially since the other two adults weren't there), we just had basically the regulars. There were about 8 to start off, 1 became friends with another helper and was in the baby room, and another one got sad and mom came to get her. The rest were easy peasy! Praise the Lord.

After church we went home, put the boys down, ate lunch and rested. Then we had Easter dinner with the Costers. Most of them at least. Sandra and Kai stayed home because Kai had a headache, and Cam was on a little trip, so it was a smaller group this year. We had a fantastic dinner! It was delicious! And we ate WAY TOO MUCH!!! It was really good though. The boys did a great job eating too. I don't know if that was because they were going to have some strawberry shortcake for dessert or just because they were hungry?!

Hope you had a blessed Easter!

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