Monday, April 9, 2012

Pink or Blue?

Remind me to not go to the store with kiddos who have had previous busy, sugar filled days...we were one of "those" Wal-Mart families this morning. Not so fun. We did survive though and they have been fed and are getting ready for bed, or already asleep.

This morning was "the" ultrasound appointment to confirm baby is healthy and (in my opinion mostly) find out if another brother will be joining us, or if a sister will be come September.

The gal who did the US, took a picture of the legs from a funny angle, but I saw black nothingness in between the legs.

However, she did not. She saw something else. :)

We will be welcoming another baby boy come September! That will make boy number 10 for the Coster family, from the line of Jay and Linda! He has 3 Uncles (1 dad, (to make the math work)), 3 boy cousins, and 2 big brothers! We are so glad he is healthy, and that we have all boy baby, toddler & on clothes already!