Monday, February 16, 2009

Big and bigger...

After Carson ate a VERY large dinner he had a big tummy. After 35 + weeks of being preggo I also have a very big tummy. I think baby Gabe has done lots of growing lately. I think the belly has gotten bigger...only 4 1/2 more weeks or so!!! YEAH! So exciting to meet the little guy and SEE his feet instead of ONLY feeling them in my ribs and side. :)

Gina, my faithful friend, came over Friday and helped me organize all the baby clothes I have from 3 months to 2T. She was so great. Today I got all of newborn and 0-3 month clothes organized in his drawers. I also did some laundry for baby things, car seat stuff, front pack, some bedding...there is more to do, but I am getting some things done which is nice. I also set aside extra clothes to take to my moms and to put in the car since little ones have SO many blow outs.

When Carson was little, we were visiting Deborah Q., and he had a blow out. This is what I had for him in the car...apparently, I forgot part of it???!

Maybe this next time I will be able to keep a whole outfit in the car, so Gabe won't have to go without pants like his big brother. Aren't moms silly??? Oh boy, oh boy. Check out those rolls on the legs! :) So cute!

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Anders Family said...

the belly shot, too cute, I had one like that with Elijah, he loved to do belly bumps! And the blowout thing that is hilarious! Zach has only had a couple blowouts, Elijah had them ALL the time, along with projectile puking, so it has been much nicer this time around, I haven't had to pack the dresser when we go places!