Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What do YOU think???

This morning I went to the 1st appointment that starts weekly scheduled appointments until baby Gabe comes. The doctor said we have a couple weeks left. I am supposed to have 3 1/2 weeks left, but I didn't ask if she thought he would be sooner. At any rate, March is a VERY busy birthday month for us.

Here is the birthday list:
3.2-Sara (friend)
3.3-Trever (family)
3.3-My Uncle, Carter (family)
3.3-My Cousin, Danny (family)
3.3-Danny's wife, Michelle (family)
3.5-My Gramma (family)
3.5-Gloria (friend)
3.6-Trev's Gramma (family)
3.6-My Great Gramma (family)
3.8-Sarah (friend)
3.18-Trev's Dad (family)
3.20-Garin and Sandra's Anniversary (family)

So, now. This is the question. Is baby Gabe going to have his own bday? Or will he share it with one of the above listed events? What do you think? Oh, and Carson was due 12.3.06 and came 12.1.06.

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BETHANY said...

Well, the Ws are big fans of shared birthdays. We have five people and three birthdays. So, I'd vote that he shares a birthday.

However, I'm also a 41 weeks (give or take a couple days) kind of mom when it comes to pregnancy. So, I'd vote that he comes after all the other birthdays and anniversaries have past.

Clearly, I'm conflicted in my voting and of no use to you. :)