Monday, February 9, 2009

Kinda weird

So, I am joining the club on having a blog. Kinda odd. I really have been thinking about this for oh about 2 months now. Wanting to do it and not sitting down to get it done. After a morning of busy, busy, busy, I thought I would do it really fast. Everyone says it is SO easy, so here we go. I am seeing HOW easy it REALLY is. :)

I am just over 34 weeks preggo now. I went to the doctor last week and things are looking good. I am weighing less than I did with Carson at this point so I am happy about that. Praise the Lord I have been able to still exercise and not have extra puffiness from water weight. I am really amazed that in a short 6 weeks (give or take) we will be meeting and seeing our little baby Gabe. When I think about it to much, I get a little overwhelmed. Over the weekend we got all the baby bins and extra stuff together and now I need to organize and wash laundry for the little guy with a little help from my friend, Gina.

I am truely blessed to have Carson in my life and am blown away to think I will have a #2 to join us. We get to see what funny things he does or says, like his big brother. Carson is busy teaching himself letters and numbers. He loves to sing ABC's skipping only I,J, and K. He also adds in "Tinkle, Tinkle, Wittle Tar" to the end of the ABC's song.


Goosegirl said...

Carson is so cute! I can't wait to see the new baby!
We love you all.

In His Grace,

ALLISON said...

Yay are now at the top of my Wahine list! Congrats on your blog, can't wait to keep up!!!

fredy said...

Hey Simone,,Great Job, now you can help me set one up !! No really,,Maybe some day you could give me a few pointers..I'm thinking about doing some chartering with the boat,,and A blog may help sell the Idea.You do A nice Job writing I think you will be a success at it..Take care,,fredy

BETHANY said...

I know I already said this in your Kodak stuff, but I love this pic of Carson!!

Anders Family said...

Welcome to blogging! It is a nice way to keep people updated, speaking of, I need to update mine! :)