Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hard times sometimes

Right now I am sitting next to a very strong willed 2 yr old who refused to eat his dinner last night and is still refusing to eat it right now. Why is it REALLY that hard to take a couple of bites of food so you could have something you want. Battles. Boy oh boy.

As many of you know, yesterday was the 21st, and I am still home and NOT at the hospital. I know there is only about a 5% rate of babies who actually COME on their due dates, and mine is not one of them. That is fine with me, cause I know when he is ready he will come. However, I am praying that I will REALLY be OK with that and have peace to know that he needs to come when he will come. Maybe since Carson was 2 days early, Gabe will be 2 days late. Who knows?! I can keep guessing all I want and it won't change anything. So, that is where we are right now. Sitting at the table, with a very big belly, and Carson not eating his food. :) All good times, right?!

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BETHANY said...

Remember that "full term" is 37-42 weeks. So, due dates that hit smack on 40 weeks mean nothing and all they seem to do is stress out moms who don't want to be "late". So, just keep in mind that your sweet little boy will be born when he's ready.

And the 2yo battles? Hope today is better than yesterday! :)