Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lazy morning

This morning we stayed home from church cause we are all kinda feeling like we are fighting something. Carson has been fighting it for the last couple days. The TV got turned on and we found some kid TV shows. Boy, was that an attention getter. We don't ever watch cartoons, or kid shows, so nothing was missed, as you can tell by the look on Carson's face. :)

I am 6 days away from the "due date." Baby Gabe is growing A LOT and making it hard to sleep at night with normal pains and heartburn. I have no idea when he will be making his entrance, but I am looking forward to being able to move around better. The sleepless nights I am not so looking forward to. Guess it is all part of mamahood though, huh? Gotta get this next one to sleep through the night like his big bro does.

Here are some pictures from Kai and Trever's shared bday party dinner at Mimi and Grandpa's house. We had great food and yummy yummy dessert. 2 kinds. Uncle Cam had salad for dessert, even though his favorite dessert - lemon meringue pie - was served. No sugar for him right now. He has major self control! Something I don't think I could have done in that situation.

Guess that is about it for right now. We are just kinda waiting around for baby Gabe. Not much else going on. Until next time! ALOHA!

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