Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Things

Last night I tackled a recipe that I was a little nervous about. The recipe was for Mulitgrain English Muffins out of the Martha Stewart magazine. The reason I was a little nervous was because yeast was in the recipe and it is required to let it raise 2 different times, which I have avoided recipes that include those 2 things more often than not. BUT! They turned out! They were a little on the thick side, and were a little doughy. Today, however, they are better. I think they were able to dry out a little more last night, so today they don't seem so doughy.



This morning after I got home from the YMCA and was getting ready to put Gabe down, my cousin Erika called. She called my cell first and then the land line. I missed both calls, but called her right back. She was calling me to tell me, her brother, Christian, my other cousin, got really sick on Saturday. He threw up all day until 9:30pm. Family wanted to take him to the ER on Saturday, but he refused. He has recently just had a 2nd back surgery, so I am sure he has had his share of hospitals for a while. I don't remember what exactly happened Sunday, but they ended up going to the ER. They found blood in his abdomen, and did surgery right away. They removed 2 liters of blood and don't know where it was coming from. All of his internal organs are fine, nothing is open and bleeding. He is in ICU. Today they ran some tests on his arteries, and haven't gotten the results back. Needless to say, this was a big shocker and is upsetting not knowing what is going on with his body. We are praying for all of them. We are expecting good news soon!

UPDATE: It looks like the all the blood that was in Christians abdomen was from all the pain killers he has been taking. I guess the pain killers thin your blood, so they think something around the esophagus happened to allow the blood into the abdomen area. They don't really know though. BUT, it looks like it is nothing serious, so that IS GREAT!! Thanks for your continued prayers, we all appreciate it.

Yesterday we set up our little pool. It is a wading pool that Carson can play in and we can cool off in. Today, I didn't get him out of his jammies as early as normal and I put lots of sunscreen on him and put on "big boy pants" since we were going to be going out and getting in the pool. He did pretty good with telling me when he had to go potty. He went about 4 times in the potty (one time he started to go, stopped and then told me he had to go and finished in the potty) and then he went completely in his pants and we had to clean everything up and get outside in the pool! He also went a couple times outside. The process HAS started. I just gotta keep up with it and keep working on it. He is so cute running around in big boy pants and no diapers.

While we were outside I had to water all our veggies. Earlier this morning, the person who mowes came and mowed the lawn, like they normal do every couple of weeks. While I was watering my sugar snap peas I noticed a bunch of them were a couple inches above the ground. They had gotten weed whacked, and were cut about 2 inches from the roots. I was SO SAD! I called my mom and Trever crying to both of them. I picked the peas that were ready and the ones that were soft on the broken sections. Now that time has passed, I am still sad, but not so mad. Apparently sugar snap peas don't like heat and fizzle off once it gets really hot, and since it is supposed to be about 100* starting Wednesday, it was going to happen sooner or later. I was just thinking it would happen from natural reasons and not machine reasons. Oh well. I will try again next year.

Last week I started to prepare the extra room for Gabe. Yesterday we got the crib and it is almost ready for use. It's weird to think about him sleeping in there. We will see how we do. :)

This morning I washed our sheets and hung them on the line to dry...I just love them smell of clean, fresh sheets!

That is all for now. I'll do my best to keep you posted on the situation with my cousin.


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