Monday, October 5, 2009

Pampered Chef

On Saturday night I made pizza for dinner. I used my pampered chef large bar pan stoneware like I normally do for any baking I do that requires a "cookie sheet." Sunday morning when we were getting ready for church, Trever noticed there was a large crack in it. I was so bummed! It was not even 2 years old, and now not usable.

Today I called The Pampered Chef to find out what the policy is. Great news! Stoneware has a 3 year warranty. They can look up all your orders you have ever made to find out when something was purchased. Because the bar pan had been purchased in the last 3 years, all I have to do is mail a piece of the stoneware in with a reference number and they will send me a new one!

YIPEE for The Pampered Chef!


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